Product Feature: B-Clean Curtains

Our product feature of the week is our B-Clean Curtain! B-Clean Curtains are designed to replace your existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities that require the use of curtains. They offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing and washing reusable curtains, and with their proven ability to inhibit bacterial growth, they can improve infection control at your facility.


What are the benefits of our B-Clean curtains you ask? Well, we’ll tell ya!
•Recyclable (ask for a copy of our recycling guidelines)
•Material: 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric – 120gsm
•Standard eyelets (Option 1) – eyelets are 15cm apart
•Hooks required per Curtain – DCT8 x 17; DCT15 x 30; DCT25 x 50
•Packing: each folded in poly bag
•Tie Back – sewn on so won’t fall off
•Identification Label – each curtain is supplied with an easy to read identification label – this is to monitor length of use and provides an easy way to monitor required changes of curtains
•TGA Registered
•Fire Retardant
•Reduce OH&S Issues – full size 25ft B-CleanTM Curtain weighs 2.2lbs whereas comparable reusable curtains can weigh up to 22lbs

We have undertaken anti-bacterial testing with an Australian-based, NATA approved laboratory. Importantly, the tests were undertaken on the actual B-Clean Curtains, not just the chemical themselves. Comment below in order to receive the full test results!

B-Clean Curtains with their impregnated anti-bacterial and anti-mildew chemicals, including nano meter silver, have a proven ability to inhibit and reduce bacterial growth. This means that the frequency of curtain change may be less than required by untreated reusable curtains (as per the NHMRC 2010 guidelines as indicated in the right hand column below) thus saving time and money.

The table below is an excerpt from an independent review and report on B-Clean Curtains detailing changeover recommendations.


**For a clear view of tables and results, checkout our B-Clean PDF!

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