Our video wall solutions allow you to bring your space to life!  Video walls are created to upgrade your space and provide engaging images, video, art, and information content to create a spectacular purposeful visual experience. 

With so many options in design and content, we do our best to make the process simple for you.

To make it easy, let’s break it down:

Will someone from Bridge-Digital help me decide what I need?

Yes, just let us know you aren’t quite sure what you need and we can meet you on-site.

 During our initial meeting we will:

  • Listen to your goals to provide a best solution
  • Walk the space like a visitor or patient
  • Record all photo’s, measurements, and structural information
  • Discuss your options
  • After the visit we will follow up with a quote, mock-up or any other information we discussed

What type of Video Wall will best suite my space?

There are a variety of styles and sizes from single displays to large multi-display options.  We will help you match the best solution to your space.

Single Screen
2 x 3
3 x 3

Creating your video wall is exciting!  You can have one image blend across multiple-screens or use the displays independently to create several experience zones. 

Take a look at some of the options you will have in designing your perfect video wall! 

  • Art (see more on our ArtMoshpere™ offering below)
  • Video’s
  • Static Images
  • Motion Images
  • Marketing – Messages, Images, Branding, Announcements
  • Content Packages
    • News/Weather
    • Traffic
    • Sports
    • Nature
    • Animals
    • Advertising
    • Art

What is Digital Healthcare ARTmosphere™?  (some digital video wall with art images)

ART is a necessity in a Healthcare setting.  It induces human emotion, reflection, and healing for families and patients.  It brings the outside world into an otherwise sterile environment.  And it creates a familiar safe mindset for patients, visitors and staff, as they are navigating to their destination or waiting for an important test result.

Selecting the right piece of art for the right space can be challenging. To make is simple, we teamed up with a group of heath care art experts to allow us to create a Digital ARTmosphere for any space.

Bridge’s Digital ARTmosphere is many things: the art, local artists, a partnership, and the experience. In collaboration with our digital development partner, we teamed up with a national healthcare art curator that sources art from local artists around the nation.  The agreement provides local artists the financial compensation they need to support their craft and it allows us to convert one of kind, local professional art pieces, to a digital canvas. 

If you are going to place art on your walls, there is nothing better than supporting your local art community!

  • Some reasons to consider ARTmosphere:
  • Change the art when you want, with the touch of a button.
  • Supports local artists.
  • Content is rich, engaging and plentiful to choose from.
  • We support you with experts that will help you match the art to the space.
  • Use the art as a back drop and display content over top.
  • Utilize as a center focal point or as a portion of a video wall or directory.

How do I manage the content?

  • Content Manage Software is included to manage your content.
  • Software is Cloud Based, so just log into your account, manage from wherever you are located.
  • Easy and Simple to Use…very simple to use!
  • Manage single or multiple displays from one portal.